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Tests & procedures

Novant Health Endocrinology offers a variety of tests and procedures in our office. This is convenient for our patients, and ensures your doctor quick access to necessary test results. Some of the tests and procedures we offer are listed on this page. Please call our office at 704-316-1125 if you have any questions about our laboratory services.

Thyroid testing

Our office offers blood tests to identify possible hormone imbalances. We also offer on-site ultrasounds to examine thyroid function. An ultrasound is a non-invasive, non-painful test that uses sound waves to view internal organs. Those waves are translated into computer pictures that your doctor can use to determine how your thyroid is working.

Fine-needle aspiration biopsies

A fine-needle aspiration biopsy allows your doctor to examine a lump or suspicious area without an invasive procedure. A very small needle is inserted into the mass, and tissue or fluid is removed for testing. This test can help determine whether a mass is a fluid-filled cyst or a lump.

Insulin administration or pump training

For diabetics, insulin therapy is often necessary to regulate blood sugar. The diabetes specialists at Novant Health Endocrinology will determine the appropriate insulin dosage, and train you in either insulin injection or insulin pump therapy.

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